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Electrical contractors - what they do?

Electrical contractors employ workers in many capacities, determined by their level of training and experience.

Some common jobs include: Apprentice Electrician ? Receives on-the-job training and classroom instruction from licensed journeymen or master electricians about how to install, modify, repair, and maintain power and lighting systems.

Most apprentice programs last 3 to 5 years and apprentices earn wages during this training period. Journeyman Electrician ? Installs, modifies, repairs, and maintains power and lighting systems.

Reads blueprints, terminates cable, and installs and troubleshoots control wiring from drawings.
Has completed the apprentice program and holds a journeyman's license (according to state requirements) and supervises apprentices. Estimator ? Calculates a project's duration and cost, including materials, overhead, and labor.
This estimate is often submitted as a bid on a project and serves as a scheduling and budget guideline as the project proceeds. Project Supervisor ? Oversees workforce to encourage safe and high-quality installations.

Monitors progress to meet project deadlines.

Submits required reports and forms.Źródło: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_contractor

Is electrician is needed during construction?

Electricians, in addition to repair defects associated with the current also have other jobs.
Very often help electrician is needed to properly design the electrical network in the proposed facility.

Also during the construction electrician with his team in control of the electrical installation of the network, because only authorized persons may perform such work.

It is very important to install the appropriate wiring to the building during the operation met its functions.
Therefore, this electrician is responsible for the oversight of electricity on site and very often his help is invaluable, because it allows the reception of installations, without which the building does not meet the required functions.

Electrician - high-risk profession?

electrician Lambeth Occupation electrician is very often seen as a profession in which extremely common ones are physical injury.
This is related primarily to the fact that when working with electricity, even the smallest mistake can cause severe short circuit, which would be harmful to human health.

Usually created a power failure is unexpected and electrician seeking a solution to the problem moves groping.

Therefore, for such a mistake it is very easy and you can tell that no theoretical knowledge is not able to prepare the employee to perfect the profession, because of some random events can not be predicted..

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